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CEO: Tom Arends
Board Member: Jeroen Mulder
Started: 2015
Acquired: 2022


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Alex Beeren

Business Analyst

After obtaining his master’s degree in Corporate Finance and Real Estate Finance at the University of Amsterdam Alex has worked in multiple functions within the Fintech industry.


Within Haerlem Capital, Alex is responsible for deal flow, acquisitions, due diligence, related market research activities and fund communication.

Mario Natella-Verschuren


Responsible for the acquisition, deal structuring, and transformation process with solid experience as consultant in financial technology.

Hans Beeren

Senior partner

Has 40+ years of tax law experience. Started at Ernst & Young and spent 17 years as a partner at Londen & van Holland.


At Haerlem Capital, Hans is responsible for investors relations and legal and tax issues.

Maxim Dyachenko

Managing partner

Responsible for technical due diligence and transformation. 20 years experience in financial technology, cybersecurity, and software and hardware product management.

Jeroen Mulder

Managing partner

Responsible for commercial operations. 17 years experience in the payments industry, covering various executive roles in sales and product management.

Thijs Groeneveld

Managing partner

Responsible for deal structuring, finance, and regulatory compliance. 17 years of experience in the field of financial consulting, and accounting.