Business & Control

Accounting and financial advisory

The accounting company

In good harmony B&C agrees on the desires and wishes from the customer and determines based on those the best working principles with the customer. Is the customer going to use our modern online platforms and tools himself or is the entire administration being outsources to the expert team of Business and Control? The customer decides.


The cooperation with Business and Control enables every entrepreneur to focus on doing what they are good at: doing business, while being in control. Control is based on realtime insights into the financial situation of the organisation.


By educating the customer in the world of modern online platforms for administration, the only question remaining with the customer is how he is going to organize the administration with B&C, not if. The cooperation with B&C enables every entrepreneur to make sure he is doing what he is good at: Doing business, while being in control. Being in control with realtime insights in the financial situation of the organisation.