About us

Haerlem Capital is convinced that companies can accelerate growth by offering smart capital

Haerlem Capital is a Dutch venture capital firm which provides smart capital and proactive hands-on support to fast-growing highly scalable FinTech, IT, SaaS market startups in the Netherlands and Europe. We focus on SME companies that are looking for Series A investment.
Established in 2017, Haerlem Capital today has several portfolio companies and is looking for more investment opportunities. As a result of our experience and of the dedicated focus on the FinTech market, we can provide companies and entrepreneurs added value in the form of our network, knowledge and capital.


Haerlem Capital was founded by 3 experienced entrepreneurs with a no-nonsense attitude and hands-on approach. Roll up your sleeves and work actively to grow the company quickly! Our investment partners have built and often successfully exited their own companies. When they invest in Haerlem Capital, they like to contribute with their network, experience and capital. Our portfolio companies leverage our investors’ expertise in building, financing, scaling, and selling successful businesses.


Haerlem Capital is convinced that companies can accelerate their growth with the smart capital we offer. Through our network and experience, we provide hands-on support to our portfolio companies. Whether it concerns management support, or hiring the right team, or selecting the right customers, Haerlem Capital is the right partner.  If a follow-up round is needed for the portfolio company, Haerlem Capital stands behind its commitment to add value and to help its portfolio companies to continue.

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