The financial service company

CreditClick is an Amsterdam based FinTech company which offers European merchants the opportunity to sell their products to consumers with an instant credit facility. While there is limited possibility to get an instantly approved loan in a physical store to pay for your purchase, this is hardly possible in online stores (eCommerce), requires manual processing during business hours, and is generally not available as an off-the-shelf service to merchants. CreditClick fills this gap. CreditClick is a European payment scheme, connecting an issuing bank per country with multiple payment service providers throughout Europe. This approach is highly scalable.

A payment scheme

As a payment scheme, our position in the eCommerce ecosystem is a central routing party between payment service providers and credit suppliers.

CreditClick is live in The Netherlands and is having monthly recurring revenue. We have connected several payment service providers, multiple merchants are accepting CreditClick and have a Dutch (International Card Services) and German (Hanseatic Bank) credit supplier approving loan requests in the Dutch and German market. This took us 18 months to create.

New technology & infrastructure

CreditClick platform implements a set of modern secure APIs enabling both eCommerce and Instore transactions (using QR-code technology). The platform facilitates consumer onboarding, strong customer authentication, digital and physical ID validation and instant credit scoring, and produces a legally binding credit agreement in minutes. The platform’s design principles enable data driven risk analysis and ensure PSD2 and GDPR compliance.

The team

The founding team of CreditClick has all the required expertise and experience to make CreditClick a substantial pan-European payment company. We have worked at C-level in the payment industry, built start-ups and grown existing companies to scale. This gives us major advantage over our competition in terms of knowledge, efficiency, reliability and product quality.

Business model

Our business model is taking a part of the interest paid by the consumer over the loan. From this, we pay PSPs and make the transactions completely free for merchants. This is a clear differentiator to traditional transaction-based revenue as in traditional cases the revenue is once and not recurring.