Explicit Selection

The knowledge company

A technology consulting company, organically grown, self-sustainable center of expertise, with key alliances and large customers in Europe and the US.

Explicit Selection is a technology consulting company focusing on the payments domain, also known as FinTech. We are product specialists. Having over 20 years of experience of building products related to secure electronic transactions, we help our customers create innovative B2B2C propositions in the complex and heavily regulated area of payment products and services.

Goals of the company

Explicit Selection is the linking pin of all companies in Haerlem Capital. It is consolidating the expertise across all businesses and shapes it in a portfolio of consulting services. Explicit Selection is the main working company bringing revenue from both internal and external customers.

Business model

Explicit Selection delivers consultancy services of the following nature:

  • Productization services (ranging from brainstorming workshops to building complete commercial offerings and strategic roadmaps); with a value-based fixed-price model.
  • Technical Due Diligence and M&A support; fixed-price. 
  • Prototyping and Co-Creation (ranging from building a product sketch to co-creating companies); including co-investing.

Strategic alliances and achievements

Explicit Selection participates in the following strategic engagements:

  • Accredited for their services by Mastercard, Discover and Visa as a consulting partner. Participates in EMVCo (standardization organization owned by American Express, China Union Pay, Discover, JCB, Mastercard and Visa).
  • Participates in standardization working group of SWIFT (the global provider of secure financial messaging services).
  • Explicit Selection supports Discover Financial Services (NYSE: DFS) in creating roadmaps and building product propositions for their digital payment strategy.

Key competences

Explicit Selection possesses superior in-depth knowledge in the following areas:


  • Secure card-based payments technologies, EMV, NFC, QR, HCE & Cloud
  • eCommerce EMVCo 3D-Secure (3DS2.0), EMV Secure Remote Commerce (SRC), Fraud prevention techniques, device fingerprinting
  • SecureAPIs, various technology stacks, machine learning practices
  • Payments standards such as EMVCo, American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, China Union Pay, Visa
  • InstantPayments & MobilePayments


  • Credit and debit payments, international and domestic brands
  • Traditional card-based payments
  • e-Commerce, wallets, alternative payment methods
  • The entire payment value chain (Payment Gateways, PSPs, VARs, ISOs, Processors, Acquirers, Issuers, and Payment Networks)
  • Mobile payments, Vendor/OEMPay, mobile wallets


  • EMV regulatory framework, liability shifts, mandates, certification requirements 
  • Consumer lending regulation; AFM, DNB (The Netherlands), BaFin (Germany)
  • PSD2 and RTS
  • PCI DSS, PA DSS and data security
  • GDPR, ISO27001, ISO9001

Reference projects

On behalf of large enterprises and private equity investors, Explicit Selection executed multiple Technical Due Diligenceprojects on payment technology companies.

  • For a large payment network, created complete implementation collateral for their core secure transactions technology (used for payments, transit, loyalty applications).
  • Supported creation of the payment network’s security and fraud prevention services.
  • For one of the world largest credit cards companies, created implementation guidelineson issuing payment products embedded in wearable items.
  • Performed multiple market scans on innovative payment initiatives globally.
  • Gave strategic advice to a bank based on analysis of publicly available information about tier-1 payment companies (public APIs, press releases and media activity, M&A history).
  • Created multiple training modules (on payment technology, artificial Intelligence and machine learning, and other subjects).
  • Commercial offering transformation of labor-intensive and expertise-intensive service delivery into productized / subscription models.
  • Co-creation of CreditClick, a European eCommerce payment method delivering instant consumer credit at point of sale.

Some case studies

Technical due diligence on a PSP company
A European mobile network operator considered to acquire a Payment Service Provider company with an in-house built platform. Our technical due diligence check on the target revealed a number of findings where we highlighted and prioritized the risks, and suggested mitigating actions. The target has been acquired and integrated, taking our advice into the integration plan.

Product implementation collateral
One of the world’s largest credit card companies has performed a major

update to their core technology which facilitates secure transactions in a number of vertical markets. We have created a complete set of product collateral, sales materials, implementation guides, and training modules. New technology has been introduced, opening two new markets for the client and strengthening their enterprise value.

Co-creation of CreditClick
A FinTech startup company conceived the idea of an eCommerce payment

method focused on selling instant consumer loans online, with an innovative business model.

We have executed the Build phase, managed all streams (Commercial, Legal, Technical, and Investment), facilitated major contracts with strategic customers and sales channels, and brought the company into operation in two countries (The Netherlands and Germany).